Photo by swedafrican.wordpress.com

Photo by swedafrican.wordpress.com

Hello!  My name is Lynn.  I was born in Cape Town, but have been living overseas with my 2 cats (who were purchased in South Africa for less than £8 but have cost a fortune to move around) for many years.

In 2004 I met my sweet and wonderfully supportive partner, John.  A Swede, living in Amsterdam at the time.  Who knew that in 2008 we would become the parents to a beautiful, super active, happy little boy called Aaron?

Having Aaron has changed our lives so much.  As most parents would tell you, a little child fills the house with joy and a fresh way of looking at each day.

My hope with this site is to pass on somethings that fill my days with joy and to remind you that it is the small, precious moments in life that count.  Life is beautiful, don’t rush your way through it.

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